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2020-06-27Jun 27, 2020

The definition of a recession is if you have two negative quarters in the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The first quarter was negative. As I write this, we are about to end the 2nd Quarter and we will be negative as well so July 1, 2020 we will officially be in a recession. in the last recession, in 2008  the housing market and the mortgage markets caused the recession itself and things were a real mess. Today is a much different. In the 11 years since that recession, we have seen housing prices come back but in a much more healthy way.  We currently have 26.7% of households who have more than 50% equity in their homes and 37% of homes nationwide are owned free and clear. Now is indeed a great time to buy but it is also an excellent time to sell. 

2020-02-28Feb 28, 2020

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) amended a bill yesterday that would delete the requirement that freelance journalists and photographers can annually submit 35 contributions to a single publication in order to remain independent contractors. The bill, AB 1850, would exempt a still photographer, photojournalist, freelance writer, editor, or newspaper cartoonist from the ABC test established by the state Supreme Court in the Dynamex decision and was expanded by AB 5 last year. Also, Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) has introduced AB 2372 sponsored by the Ventura County Coroner's Office to make all autopsy results confidential.

2020-06-26Jun 26, 2020

Understanding the burden that has been placed on individuals, families, and communities as a result of cannabis convictions and In line with the values of the overwhelming number of people of Sonoma County, DA Ravitch took aggressive steps to assist those affected. Especially since the relief granted under Proposition 64 failed to reach many of those affected the DA, following the provisions of AB 1793, required the California Department of Justice to review state criminal history information, identify those eligible for relief under Proposition 64 to the courts, and directed said courts to automatically reduce or dismiss eligible convictions by July 1, 2020. To find out if your record has been cleared, get the contact info and/or access the "Clear my Record' portal.

2020-06-26Jun 26, 2020

The affordable housing, community green space and public uses that have been promised to the Roseland community are finally becoming a reality! Over $25 million was approved today by the State of California that will provide a huge boost in the development of the transformational Roseland Village project. Senator McGuire, the County of Sonoma, the City of Santa Rosa, SMART and MidPen Housing have been working together to secure the funds for over a year.

2020-06-24Jun 24, 2020

For the past several weeks, officials from the City, including the Santa Rosa Police Department (SRPD), have met with community members and groups to review and discuss ways to make meaningful change to law enforcement policies. More community conversations are planned and, to help inform those conversations and facilitate changes, SRPD has created a new webpage with new policies such as "exhaust all other means before shooting". See all other changes...

2020-06-02Jun 2, 2020

Due to the incidents of violence and vandalism that occurred over the weekend in Santa Rosa, to keep our community safe, City Manager Sean McGlynn, in consultation with Police Chief Rainer Navarro, has implemented a citywide curfew effective Monday, June 1, 2020, at 8 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. each evening until Thursday, June 4, 2020, at 5:00 a.m.See who is exempt and link the to full order and access the Traffic Closure Map / Mapa de cierre del tráfico .

2020-04-07Apr 7, 2020

There is a lot of talk going around these days about mortgage relief and people are hearing that they can ask their mortgage company to let them skip some payments. This process is called forbearance and that is what mortgage servicing companies are prepared to offer right now and this is not a simple or straight forward process.

2020-03-24Mar 24, 2020

We were slowly moving towards historic low interest rates literally all year. Rates started moving down slowly and methodically as these things usually do and arrived at the low point at the beginning of March. We had these historic low rates for an entire week (3/2 – 3/6).  The following week (3/9 – 3/13), we lost ALL of the gains from the prior two months in dramatic fashion.  I need to tell you a secret, something not a lot of people know. People always talk about investing in Stocks & Bonds like they are the same, but they are not. They operate in much the same way and they are traded in the same places, but they are almost always opposites. Y

2020-03-16Mar 16, 2020

All communities want and deserve the most effective and responsive Sheriff’s Office that can be achieved in Sonoma County. Best practices in modern law enforcement emphasize community-oriented policing and corrections practices, including collaborating with independent, effective civilian oversight. Effective civilian oversight facilitates increased transparency, which is necessary for increased trust between law enforcement and all communities.

2020-02-28Feb 28, 2020

It would take Andy’s killing by a Sonoma County deputy thirteen years later to create The Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach (IOLERO) in 2016. Four years after the creation of IOLERO, its mission remains unfulfilled for lack of money, inadequate staffing and the Sheriff’s Office withholding access to information. Last year, concerned community members and IOLERO’s first director came together to work to improve the effectiveness of IOLERO, based upon the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) recommendations.  the commitee is working to place the Evelyn Cheatham Effective IOLERO Ordinance (FPPC#1422712) on the November 2020 ballot. 

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