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FIRE NEWS is dedicated to providing a community connection to the volunteeers and professionals who serve us all year long. All Sonoma County fire departments are welcome to participate so your community is aware of your service. This is YOUR space. Thank you.

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2018-08-20Aug 20, 2018

Faced with an unprecedented wildfire season in 2017 and an extremely challenging start to the 2018 season, California lawmakers approved $26 million to fund wildfire prevention and forest health grants to be spent in Northern California.

2018-06-22Jun 22, 2018

PG&E’s Wildfire Safety Operations Centerhas been activated due to theRed Flag Warning and elevated fire dangers in the North Bay. We don’t anticipate needing to do aPublic Safety Power Shutoff.  But we do want customers to update their contact info

2018-06-21Jun 21, 2018

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) has announced the burn ban suspension, beginning 12:01 a.m. Monday, June 18, 2018, and bans all outdoor burning except for campfires within organized campgrounds or on private property with landowner permission. Campfires may be permitted if the campfire is maintained in such a manner as to prevent its spread to the wildland. A campfire permit can be obtained at local CAL FIRE fire stations. The suspension of burn permits is implemented in response to the extremely high fire hazard conditions.

2018-06-19Jun 19, 2018

Erin Brockovich, one of the nation’s leading consumer advocates, has joined theMauro Archer & Associates andWatts Guerra team North Bay residents against PG&E over its role in the October 2017 wildfires.

2018-05-31May 31, 2018

June already! Time to chill with friends and enjoy our beautiful outdoors. Maybe pick up a homemade Meyer Lemon ice cream at Rio Café. We all need time to decompress.

2018-05-31May 31, 2018

While April gave us some more rain, the fourth month of the year also gave us some glistening sunny days. Now the vines are starting to leaf out and it feels like new life has really begun to spring up.

2018-05-31May 31, 2018

100 feet of Defensible Space is required under the Public Resources Code (PRC) 4291. California Building Code Chapter 7A requires certain construction materials and methods for homes in wildland areas. Be sure to contact your local fire department for additional requirements to ensure your home is compliant with the law. READYFORWILDFIRE.ORG.THE LAW

2018-05-29May 29, 2018

Our phone rang off the hook at 4:10 AM on October 9. It was a panicked friend, telling my wife that Rohnert Park was on fire, being evacuated, and that we should leave immediately, even though we live much closer to Penngrove.

2018-05-29May 29, 2018

CAL FIRE - MAY 25, 2018: After extensive and thorough investigations, CAL FIRE investigators have determined that four Northern California wildfires in last year’s October Fire Siege were caused by trees coming into contact with power lines. The four fires, located in Butte and Nevada counties, are the completed.

2018-05-04May 4, 2018

We are only seven months removed from one of the most devastating disasters to hit Sonoma County and it seems like fire season is already right around the corner.

2018-05-03May 3, 2018

Expectations for the season are high because many businesses and workers have difficulties making it through slow winter months. The Workforce Housing Fund was awarded to, and is administered by, the Russian River Alliance to assist local workers who have experienced cashflow problems due to shortened work hours or the lack of affordable housing. Since January, 6 households needed help with rent & utilities.

2018-08-15Aug 15, 2018

Since the onset of the devastating Mendocino Complex Fire on July 30th, the Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB), the largest hunger-relief organization serving north coastal California, has made six critical deliveries of emergency food to Lake County.

2018-05-03May 3, 2018

While April gave us some more rain, the fourth month of the year also gave us some glistening sunny days. Now the vines are starting to leaf out and it feels like new life has really begun to spring up.

2018-05-01May 1, 2018

The Home & Ranch Readiness Summit is a free community event being held at The Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California, May 17 through 19, 2018. The event helps pet, equine, and livestock owners prepare themselves, their families, and their animals for emergencies and disasters in a fun and informative environment and provides a forum for everyone from residents to professional first responders to connect, network, and train.

2018-04-01Apr 1, 2018

As many Gazette readers know, we want our readers to make educated votes when they go to the poles. Our next election will be the first time in decades that our county has had a chance to elect a new sheriff. At this point in the primary elections, we have three candidates running. When votes are counted in June, we will know which two of the three will continue on to November.

2018-03-29Mar 29, 2018

All-new fact sheets and online portal provide data on all 50 U.S. states’ fire service progress, needs and challenges:

2018-03-19Mar 19, 2018

Sonoma County Rises, a community based, wildfire recovery focused organization, has launched aCommunity Outreach Survey to gain insight into Sonoma County residents’ attitudes five months after the October wildfires. The Survey,, seeks to gain information from a broad section of the community living here now to best inform and guide decision-makers about what matters most as they plan for recovery and rebuilding.

2018-03-16Mar 16, 2018

I’ve been looking at demographics lately. I can tell you it’s challenging to get recent, reliable data. We need good data to determine where we currently stand and what we should be doing for our population going forward.

2018-03-15Mar 15, 2018

Local resident Shana Jones has been honored as Woman of the Year bySenator Bill Dodd (D-Napa). In celebration of Women’s History Month, the state Senate honors women who have made significant contributions to their respective districts and communities.

2018-03-06Mar 6, 2018

After last October’s devastating firestorm many of us are left thinking about how to prevent such an event from happening again. We all hope that we never have to experience something as horrifying as what we went through whether we suffered losses or not. While it’s impossible to fully fireproof your exterior spaces, here are some tips to make sure your home is as fire resistant as possible.

2018-03-01Mar 1, 2018

Supervisor Lynda Hopkins held a town hall meeting on 2/24 about establishing MACs (Municipal Advisory Councils). This is a work-in-progress and will be a mechanism for our lower Russian River area residents to have a form of self-governance. Hopefully, it will also allow us to have more say in where our TOT hospitality taxes are being spent.A few weeks ago, I had an appointment to interview our Fire Chief Steve Baxman at 2:30 at the firehouse. He was a no show. Why?

2018-03-01Mar 1, 2018

Thank you Sebastopol Fire Department for providing this Month’s Safety Message. Fire department heroes announced. 2017 Incident summaries .

2018-08-02Aug 2, 2018

Summer is winding down except of course for Lazy Bear Weekend the first weekend in August and Russian River Pride the last weekend in August. Traditions are important here in the River.

2018-08-02Aug 2, 2018

Many lessons were learned from the wildfires of 2017. The most important of which is that any fire, with enough fuel and driven by wind can burn through almost anything. It is never possible to protect your property 100% but there are things you can do with landscaping to give your home a fighting chance.

2018-08-01Aug 1, 2018

Summer days in Geyserville have been hot but beautiful. We’ve been having temperatures clinging to the 90s and, oddly, often rising even higher on the weekends. I heard once in Southern California that automobile traffic patterns can also affect weather, but in the relatively low-traffic area of Geyserville, I wouldn’t expect that to necessarily hold true.These weekend heat spells make me wonder.

2018-07-17Jul 17, 2018

Sonoma County Regional Parks has recruited some assistance for fire prevention and invasive species removal: sheep. A flock of sheep will spend the next five weeks grazing along the Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail near Sebastopol, removing dry vegetation and non-native plant species.

2018-06-25Jun 25, 2018

July, the best month in Monte Rio, kicks off with our fireworks on Sunday 7/1. The fireworks are sponsored byMonte Rio Chamber, Monte Rio Rec & Park, and Monte Rio Fire Foundation.

2018-06-25Jun 25, 2018

Honoring Jeanette Furlong: The men and women of the Bodega Bay Firefighters Association are pleased to announce the award of their 2018 Margaret (Peggy) Hill Memorial Scholarship to Jeanette Furlong.

2018-06-25Jun 25, 2018

FIRE TRUCK ACCESS During emergencies fire trucksmust have clear access to fires. Parked cars that obstruct access can be ticketed or removed. We are having serious problems in neighborhoods close to the Russian River with cars blocking access while visiting beaches. Any obstructions can delay or even prevent adequate emergency operations. The delay could cost someone’s life.

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