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2018-08-02Aug 2, 2018

Many lessons were learned from the wildfires of 2017. The most important of which is that any fire, with enough fuel and driven by wind can burn through almost anything. It is never possible to protect your property 100% but there are things you can do with landscaping to give your home a fighting chance.

2018-03-20Mar 20, 2018

The Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership and partners are developing free landscape design templates to help fire victims get back in their homes faster, while encouraging long-term environmental sustainability.  Sonoma County residents are invited to attend two community input sessions to participate in the development of these landscape design templates, which will help define the look, feel, and functionality of the landscapes in the neighborhoods being rebuilt.

2018-03-16Mar 16, 2018

What if you could have an earth-friendly lawn that was low-maintenance, soft to play on, and saved you money on your water bill? You can! There are some great water-wise alternatives now that fulfill the same role as a lawn, while reducing water use, fertilizer and herbicide use, and time spent on the lawnmower.

2018-03-15Mar 15, 2018

Sometimes life leaves us feeling terribly depleted. How do you fill yourself back up? One way is to embrace nature. You can simply find a patch grass, lie flat on your back and gaze at the sky without thought of time. You can get in your car and find a place to hike.

2018-03-09Mar 9, 2018

What Is a Sanctuary Garden and How to Build One Image SourceEveryone needs a place to escape reality. That might be in the latest novel you are reading or in your own head. That doesn’t matter. What matters most is that, when you are looking to escape reality for just a little while, do you have an appropriate place to do this? Your answer might be, “Yes. I go to my bedroom” or “that’s what my living room is for.” Sure, these rooms serve their purposes but what we are suggesting is that you build a sanctuary garden on your property. If you have the means to make this happen you will find that creating a space that serves no other purpose other than for you to “get away from it all” makes the goal all the easier on you.

2018-03-06Mar 6, 2018

A key mission of the Sonoma County Beekeepers’ Association is to encourage people to plant for our pollinators—including not only for our precious honey bees but also many other native species of bees and bumblebees.

2018-03-06Mar 6, 2018

As Sonoma’s only completely pesticide, herbicide and fungicide-free nursery, we at Sonoma Valley Wholesale Nursery have spent two decades experimenting with environmentally sustainable plant solutions. One wonderful discovery years ago was introducing chickens to control the snail and slug population. Our chickens are now such talented pest control champions that I must search high and low for the little mollusks.

2018-03-06Mar 6, 2018

Since 2004, my husband Doug and I have owned Beekind Honey in Sebastopol. We opened the shop in a very tiny portion of where it exists today. Doug had been beekeeping for seven years when we opened the store, I as always, the beekeeper’s keeper, was convinced that this amazing local honey that Doug and other local Sonoma County beekeepers were collecting had great unique value.

2018-03-05Mar 5, 2018

There is the classic idea of the garden as sanctuary — restorative, with paths to wander, nature to contemplate, butterflies and hummingbirds providing distraction as they fly among colorful flowers, the gentle sound of water, a sheltered, life-affirming place. My neighbor finds the seat by our tiny pond the perfect place to practice her daily meditation.

2018-03-05Mar 5, 2018

The annual Eco-Friendly Garden Tour (Tour) will take place onMay 5th! Now in its eighth year, the Tour is sponsored by theSonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership (Partnership) and focuses on low water-use, sustainable landscaping. Tour participants will learn water-saving strategies and garden tips from homeowners while perusing gorgeous gardens and mingling with neighbors.

2018-03-05Mar 5, 2018

The Community Soil Foundation raises awareness of the practices and methods of market organic farming and it’s benefits on community, health and ecology, while offering students and members of the community an opportunity to learn how to grow as well as gain directly organic food production in Sonoma County, California.

2018-06-29Jun 29, 2018

Back when we were ONLY considering drought-tolerant landscaping to use less water in our gardens, we found many plants with high oil content that set in deep tap roots so required less watering. Some of those plants also tend to burst into flames because of the high oil content. What’s a gardener to do?

2018-03-02Mar 2, 2018

With a growing ecological crisis looming; including severe droughts, top soil depletion, loss of biodiversity and watershed pollution, our approach to landscaping requires a shift from degenerative to regenerative design and installation.

2018-03-01Mar 1, 2018

Whether it's to teach business and horticulture skills to students or raising money to support a garden club's favorite project - selling plants works to the benefit of the organization selling and the gardener buying.

2018-03-01Mar 1, 2018

Discovering what wildflowers are popping out along the trails – everything from little tiny ground-hugging flowers to bushes and trees – a rainbow of colors.

2018-03-01Mar 1, 2018

You’re invited! Join us to get your hands in the soil and learn about native, edible, and pollinator-friendly plant choices. Daily Acts, with support from the City of Petaluma, will be planting the new Living, Learning Landscape at the Petaluma Regional Library on March 24th and we need volunteers!

2018-03-01Mar 1, 2018

Ah lavender.  What's not to love?  What other plant gives you so many benefits for so little effort.  It comes in all kinds of colors.  Yes, not just lavender.  But also blues and pinks and whites.  It is beneficial for so many insects in your garden, not to mention bees and butterflies. And the fragrance.  The fragrance is enchanting.

2018-02-16Feb 16, 2018

Like the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, Pepperwood may be home to quiescent natural beauties waiting arousal. Seeds can be present in soil but lay dormant for years, even decades.

2018-06-01Jun 1, 2018

I think we can all agree that we are thankful for advancements in plumbing and sewage treatment since the germ-laden Middle Ages. However, many are recognizing that with our current plumbing systems, we are shorting ourselves on a great garden resource…graywater.

2018-06-01Jun 1, 2018

Dried lavender makes a beautiful, long lasting flower for off-season decorating. The process of drying lavender is fairly straight forward and easy for everyone to accomplish. Now is a perfect time in Sonoma County to harvest fresh lavender for drying.

2018-05-30May 30, 2018

For those of us who watched too much Science Fiction as children, Carnivorous plants are like something from another planet. Triffids they may be! But true or false, they are being cultivated in Sebastopol for their singular beauty with a life-long dedication by the owners of California Carnivores.

2018-05-02May 2, 2018

The rose is arguably the most poetic of flowers. It is the hallmark of Spring, bursting on the scene in April and May, boasting singular beauty and metaphorical richness in every phase, from youthful bud to mature bloom. Thorns protect it, fragrance and color attract insects who live in symbiotic relationship.

2018-04-30Apr 30, 2018

You’re invited! Join us to get your hands in the soil and learn about native, edible, and pollinator-friendly plant choices. Daily Acts, with support from the City of Petaluma, will be planting the new Living, Learning Landscape at the Petaluma Regional Library on March 24th and we need volunteers!

2018-04-02Apr 2, 2018

The Garden Sense program was suspended after the October wildfire disaster, and we are happy to announce the program is resuming as of February 1, 2018.

2018-03-30Mar 30, 2018

Daily Acts is excited to announce the 2018 Community Resilience Challenge, an annual community mobilization campaign that runs April through the end of May and inspires thousands of people to save water, grow food, conserve energy, reduce waste, and build community in Sonoma County.

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