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Immigrant Stories - Christopher A. Kerosky

Christopher A. Kerosky has practiced law since 1984 and has handled over 1000 immigration cases and over 500 civil and litigation matters. He also serves as a Member of the Human Rights Commission for Sonoma County, appointed by the County Board of Supervisors. In his Gazette column, he writes about immigration issues that impact the lives of local immigrants, their families, and employers. To learn more, please visit or on its Facebook page. If you’re interested in helping, please email

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2020-06-18Jun 18, 2020

On June 18th, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients and against the Trump Administration.  In short, it means immigrants with DACA can continue to renew their status and their work permits, and maintain their reprieve from deportation.  The decision might have even larger consequences for DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents. Read more to get the details on the decision.

2020-05-28May 28, 2020

We may think that a health care professional — possessing an education, skilled medical training and a job in a hospital or medical facility — would be given preference by our immigration system.  Yet, under current law, that’s simply not the case.  The other major restriction in the law applies to those who are undocumented.  Many of our elder care and private home health care is provided by immigrants here without status. Often they fill the lowest paid, most physically-demanding jobs in health care.  Yet, they have no path to a green card under current law.  

2020-05-22May 22, 2020

It is an important step that the county is coming to the Graton Day Labor Center to provide testing for its members. Day Laborers and domestic workers are a vulnerable and underserved population in Sonoma County.  Mostly undocumented and Spanish speaking, they do the work that makes all work possible. Throughout the county they clean homes, care for children and elders, maintain rural and urban properties, work in the fields, assist homeowners with moving, and do back breaking construction labor. 

2020-04-28Apr 28, 2020

Our nation’s hospitals and other health care facilities have long relied on immigrants to fill the role of doctors, nurses, EMT workers, and medical technicians.  Now they are serving their adopted country when it is a particularly dangerous time to be caring for our sick.  As of April 2nd, the CDC has reported that 9,282 health care workers have contracted COVID-19, 723 have been hospitalized and 27 have died.  Surely those numbers will continue to climb. Still they serve.

2020-03-22Mar 22, 2020

UndocuFund is Re-activated to Help our Undocumented Community Members Through COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis. An estimated 38,500 undocumented immigrants live in Sonoma County. Unlike other victims, undocumented immigrants, even though they pay taxes, do not qualify for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Even when they do qualify for services, many undocumented immigrants are unlikely to pursue those benefits due to fear of immigration enforcement, lack of familiarity with official institutions, and limited English proficiency. At every turn, our undocumented neighbors face barriers and challenges to recovering from disasters.

2019-02-23Feb 23, 2019

Since the days the first vines were grown here, immigrant workers from Mexico have borne the primary role in the cultivation of the grapes and the production of the wine that have made this region famous.  For decades, these have been the unsung heroes of the wine country: continued waves of undocumented immigrants that provide most of the necessary labor in the fields up until the present day. In recent years, recognition is finally being given to the many of Mexican heritage who actually make the wine – the skilled enologists and winemakers with Mexican roots, without whom our wine would not be so renowned.

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