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Recipes for Seasonal Food

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2020-05-31May 31, 2020

As we start to open up our society again after the long shelter-in-place, let us take a moment to pause. Are we going back to life as we knew it or can we rebuild our schedules with the best outcomes of the shelter in place orders. For example, a picnic basket implies that you are going to go to the beach together (and with the kids!) instead of work or the ball game. There is the expectation of a day in the park, the plaza, or out wine tasting, maybe with friends, a glorious sunset toast, or perhaps a short walk to a quiet hollow by a creek together.

2020-03-20Mar 20, 2020
2020-03-20Mar 20, 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak spreading and shelter-in-place orders coming down across the state, we at CAFF are working hard to keep our local food system running strong, our family farmers in business and our communities safe and healthy. While confusion abounds during this ever-developing COVID-19 crisis, one thing is clear: a strong, healthy, local food system is absolutely essential during times like these. So what can consumers do right now to help assure that our family farms stay in business and the many people who comprise of our shared food system can weather this storm? From  joining a CSA  to ordering direct from farms online to making sure our most vulnerable have food CAFF has compiled a few tips.

2020-02-19Feb 19, 2020

Seems Spring is coming early this year. February was filled with bright sunny days bringing us luscious green pastures and patches of what most people think are weeds but I find them nutritious ingredients to add to our dinners or salads. 


2020-01-29Jan 29, 2020

With the month of February comes Valentine's Day. This months recipe: Grilled Shrimp with Pomegranate Salsa. Pomegranate - Also known as the "apple of love", the ruby colored fruit was once the basis for an aphrodisiac wine made by the ancient Greeks. The name aphrodisiac was given to those foods that were thought to enhance sexual attraction or potency after the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. 

2020-05-22May 22, 2020

Shrubs, also known as “drinking vinegars,” are swiftly gaining in popularity in high-end bars as a base for fancy drinks or just mixed with a club soda or sparkling water. You can also just have them for a healthy and natural pick-me-up which is what I do with a spoonful most afternoons. Shrubs are a mix of vinegar, fruits, sugars and often an herb or some kind of tasty flavor. When they are in balance they carry savory, tart, sweet and complex tones that run across the palette with stronger flavors than the most brilliant local wine, but without the alcohol.

2020-05-04May 4, 2020

Just a reminder that we are still obligated to have our markets maintain low numbers in the aisles, keep up our best social distancing practices, wear masks and wash our hands whenever we have come into contact with contaminants or touching points.

2020-05-01May 1, 2020

Santa Rosa Farmers Market updates for May 2 and May 6! Just a reminder that we are still obligated to have our markets maintain low numbers in the aisles, keep up our best social distancing practices, wear masks and wash our handswhenever we have come into contact with contaminants or touching points, bring small bottle of hand sanitizer with you and use often. Do not wear gloves they only spread contamitants or if you do wear gloves treat them like its your hand and sanitize them. If you find yourself in a line at the market please be aware of the aisle and do your best to move the line away from the aisle whenever possible. Together we can beat COVID-19 and keep our farmers' market open for our community. 

2020-04-27Apr 27, 2020

May is CalFresh Awareness month. With COVID-19 we find so many people are in need and may be seeing more individuals on CalFresh. CalFresh is a government food access program allowing low-income individuals access to food while providing an essential hunger safety net. A little known fact is that a lot of farmers’ markets across the U.S. offer incentives for customers using the program. You can see if your local market offers Market Match by checking

2020-04-17Apr 17, 2020

Santa Rosa Community Farmers' Market, now has online or email ordering and curb side pick up. If you visit the Market please remember face masks are now required. Keep everyone safe wear your mask, and do not touch any produce or other items.Both Santa Rosa Markets will be located at Farmers Lane Plaza until further notice. Each week in this new normal we seem to get a little better at adapting to our social distancing protocols. Market staff will be widening the aisles (again) and moving some popular vendors to new locations in order to keep lines away from the aisles. 

2020-04-05Apr 5, 2020

We have put together some tips to help everyone in the community shop smart, stay healthy, save money, and reduce waste. With the current COVID-19 public health crisis, many people are panic-buying food and other items in bulk. Try to resist this urge, and instead, grocery shop once a week at most and only buy what you and your family can eat in that time. Not only will this minimize your exposure to others who may be sick, but it also leaves enough food for everyone, minimizes food loss, and allows stores to keep up with demand.  

2020-03-26Mar 26, 2020

Protocols outlined by the Community Market applies to all Food markets. The number one priority is to keep customers, the community and workers safe.  Hourly changes  are being closely monitored in the coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols through the CDC and the County Health Departments. The goal is to continue to provide groceries, nutritional supplements and natural remedies to customers in the midst of the current challenges to our health and well-being. 

2020-03-26Mar 26, 2020

By working together the farmers markets across the state were able to get the seal of approval to continue serving our communities by California Health Department and California Department of Food and Agriculture. On our part eating healthy fresh fruits and vegetables is essential to all of our vitality especially those individuals that are high risk. I encourage all of you to find your way to your local farmers' market to gather immunity boosting foods. If you know someone who is at risk or elderly please consider shopping for them. At the same time you will be giving much needed support to our local farmers.

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