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Recipes for Seasonal Food

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2020-01-29Jan 29, 2020

With the month of February comes Valentine's Day. This months recipe: Grilled Shrimp with Pomegranate Salsa. Pomegranate - Also known as the "apple of love", the ruby colored fruit was once the basis for an aphrodisiac wine made by the ancient Greeks. The name aphrodisiac was given to those foods that were thought to enhance sexual attraction or potency after the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. 

2019-12-29Dec 29, 2019

Check out Sonoma County Crab Feeds in January through early March. The Dungeness crab is by far the most popular crab served at events, as it is caught off  our own Pacific shores.

2019-12-28Dec 28, 2019

Easy Slow Cooker Pork Loin and Saurkraut. Pork is considered lucky in some countries including Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Austria because in most of those countries the pig symbolizes progress. It is believed that the animal never moves backward as it pushes forward snout to the ground foraging for food. So, rejoice in having bacon or pork chops or Pork loin.


2019-11-27Nov 27, 2019

Not everyone has the time, know how or passion to create a basket with such detail but since the greek mythological times a horned shape basket called a Cornucopia filled with fruits and vegetables has been a symbol of abundance. This is my inspiration for my choice of gift for family and friends.  

2019-11-08Nov 8, 2019

The festival of Chanukah teaches us about the power of light over darkness and right over might. An Evening with Holocaust Survivor  Leon Malmed, Chanukah Shoppe, Chanukah at the River, Hands On Chanukah Family Celebration and Latke Masterchef & Social are some of the celebrations around the county.

2019-11-08Nov 8, 2019

Make the holiday season even more delicious by trying all kinds of festive foods made right here in Sonoma County.

2019-11-08Nov 8, 2019

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to figure out what you’ll be gifting your family and friends. For those of you who’d like to try a little something different this year, Elizabeth has rounded uparts and crafts classes in Sonoma County, from jam Making, Thanksgiving Centerpiece Floral Design, Holiday Wreath Design to Porcelain Ornaments and more!, where you create personalized gifts for your loved ones.

2019-10-30Oct 30, 2019

The word pesto comes from the Genoese verb pestâ (Italian pestare), which means to crush or to pound. Going as far back as the Roman age, they used to eat a paste called moretum. This past was made by crushing garlic, salt, cheese, herbs, olive oil and vinegar together. In my research it dawned on me that I always thought pesto had to be made with basil which at this time of year is no longer available at the farmers' markets. A great substitution is spinach. 

2019-10-02Oct 2, 2019

According to my research I found out that the Jack O' Lantern originated from Ireland. You might find that odd since pumpkins weren't grown in Ireland. Pumpkins originated in Mexico between 5500 - 7000 B.C. The Native Americans used them as a staple in their diet way before any of the European explorers arrived on the continent. When the Irish came over in the late 1800's they brought many pieces of folklore with them. including the story of Stingy Jack.  According to the story, Stingy Jack was a drunk and a trickster and lived a miserable life...

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