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Senior Momentum by Zoë Tummillo

Zoë Tummillo writes from the perspective of a person with a wealth of experience that she wants to share with readers. You can email her


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2020-07-03Jul 3, 2020

Among the treasures I have held onto for many, many years, is a framed crayon drawing my youngest son created for me very early on. It was the simple, lettered statement: Love Will Keep Us Together. He had no way of knowing how very often I glanced at that frame or how many times (to this day) I considered the wisdom of a little boy still in single-digit age.

2020-07-01Jul 1, 2020

We have to find a way to take back our country with love enough to govern with integrity, feed the hungry, welcome those folks Emma Lazarus spoke about, kiss, embrace and care for our veterans, comfort our frightened children, care for our frail elderly, cleanse our environment, help the less fortunate than ourselves...

2020-05-25May 25, 2020

As our traditional vacation season approaches, it is unfortunately roaring at us with an invisible enemy in tow.  Turning this odd social environment into vacation fun is going to drive us to innovations – or drive us crazy.  Figuring out how to capture the spirit of vacation and holiday, while also being smart about the pandemic, presents some frustrations to say the least.  In some ways, it’s harder on the kids because we have spoiled them rotten.  With our contemporary ways, we gave them too many answers and in many ways did too much and expected too little!  Do they even know how to create play?

2020-04-20Apr 20, 2020

The vibrant Sonoma County farm advocates rallied. Web sites, starting with the Farm Trails website, displayed offerings from local farms. Zoom calls presented discussions about how to install new CSA software. Responding to a surge of requests for food boxes, farmers, devastated by loss of their primary markets, the restaurants and the schools, switched to food deliveries and doubled their Community Supported Agriculture, taking orders and preparing weekly food boxes for pick-up at the entrance to the farm or in new locations.

2020-04-19Apr 19, 2020

We are all part of this dance.   Our entire social fabric is radically changing and evolving in the face of this Pandemic. Nothing of the greater assumptions of our external social patterning will be as it was before this pandemic.  And, that influence will inevitably impact the design of our internal social and familial patterns and practices as well.

2020-03-19Mar 19, 2020

When a true disaster threat shows up on our personal doorsteps, our real priorities have a magical way of identifying and revealing themselves — because the heat’s on.  Things that truly terrify us are clearly defined when we suddenly realize there is a stranger in our midst that we cannot see and that needs us as hosts for its own awful survival!  That can get your attention. Consciously or unconsciously, something changes in our outlook.


2020-02-18Feb 18, 2020

When “later “arrives, we have labels for it.  I guess it makes it easier if we bag it into a category that makes it OK.  When later arrives, it usually means a transition is imminent.  Sooner or later, some challenging transition confronts every one of us, and in a lifetime, there can be many.

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