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Cow Girl Creamery cheese
Local Cheesemaker - Cowgirl Creamery

Local Farm Stands and Cheesemakers

Aug 2, 2018
by Vesta Copestakes


Use our guide to find where your favorite cheese comes from and explore cheeses you’ve never tasted before. Numbers on the guide tell you where to find the farms, & info to schedule tours.

#Numbers in Red are for CHEESE- LETTERS in Green for Farm Stands

LOCAL GUIDE to Local Farm Stands and Cheesemakers

Locally-Made Cheese Guide

 1 ~ Achadinha Goat Cheese Company

750 Chilena Valley Rd. Petaluma
A family operated ranch
Farm Tours:1.5 hours $25 per person
Full Ranch Tour, Cheese Plant Tour, Cheese Tasting, Animals TLC
Cheesemaking class: August 18th
Hands-on Cheese
Making, Lunch including a glass of wine, Full Ranch Tour
The Achadinha (Osh-a-deen-a) Cheese Company is a family operated ranch lead by Jim and Donna Pacheco along with their four children William, Daniel, Elizabeth and David. This family tradition began 3 generations ago in Achadinha, Portugal and Vallejo, California with both of Jim’s grandfathers milking cows. In 1955 Jim’s parents branched out on their own and eventually, in 1969 they ended up in Petaluma where the Pachecos are currently milking cows and goats to make their own Farmstead cheeses. They are also raising beef cows, pigs, sheep, horses, chickens, dogs, cats and ducks. discover what makes our cheeses special and why we are proud to bring them direct from the ranch to you.

2 ~ Bohemian Creamery

7380 Occidental Rd., Sebastopol
F-Sun. 10a-6p, Mon. 10a-3p, Sunday Tours
Bohemian Creamery lies just a mile outside downtown Sebastopol California on a hilltop overlooking the Laguna de Santa Rosa, the Mayacama mountains and our herd of Alpine dairy goats. It is here that the spring clover enriches our goats’ milk, the wild blue rye molds powder our natural rind cheeses and the salty marine layer infuses our aging rooms.

3 ~ Bodega Goat Ranch

1379 Tannery Creek Rd. Bodega
Patty Karlin
Consulting: Farm start-ups, Marketing, Distribution, Sustainable business planning
Apprenticeships: Milking, Marketing, Sustainable farming, Livestock Care
Eco - Tours & Cheese Tasting: Sustainable practices, Milk room and cheese parlor, Animals and gardens (By telephone appointment call Patty)
Pre - arranged tours for up to 20 people
$20/person, minimum $50 for Full Tour
$10/ person, minumum $30 Tasting Only

4 ~ Cowgirl Creamery

80 4th St. Pt. Reyes
Tours and classes by appt. see website
When Cowgirl Creamery got its start, the goal was to make wonderful, fresh, organic cheeses – cottage cheese, crème fraiche, fromage blanc, and quark. When Fons Smith, a dairy scientist from the Netherlands, came to intern at Cowgirl Creamery, he helped us develop our first aged, soft-ripened cheese. We wanted a flavor that was full and delicious but not challenging, something accessible to America’s palate. All cheeses are all made with certified organic milk from John Taverna’s Jersey dairy using the same recipe, with different rind treatments. This is a way for us to highlight the seasonal changes in milk from one source. What started as a desire to make cheese and help cheesemakers thrive has grown into something beyond our wildest dreams.

5 ~ The Epicurean Connection

746 Broadway Sonoma 
Sheana Davis

Monthly Cheese Classes with Award Winning Cheesemaker Sheana Davis Hands-on classes that teach participants how to craft a fresh, warm ricotta cheese.
Classes: Aug 12 “Creme de Ricotta & Sheep Cheese Tasting”
Sept 16 “Creme de Ricotta & Blended Milk Cheeses”
Oct. 14“Creme de Ricotta & Fall Relish”
Nov. 11 and Dec 9 “Creme de Ricotta & Chef Made Butter”
Sheana Davis, Sonoma Valley cheesemaker, culinary educator, and owner of the The Epicurean Connection, has enthusiastically supported the artisan and farmstead cheese movement for more than 20 years.
In 2009, Sheana proudly released her own cheese, Delice de la Vallee, and in 2013, her Creme de Fromage, which in 2010 won an ACS 1st Place, was released to a national market as well. Each year, Sheana sponsors the Sonoma Valley Cheese Conference, drawing cheesemakers, dairy farmers, authors and vendors the United States

6 ~ Folly Cheese

5488 Middle Rd. Tomales, Ca
Tours: 1st Sun. of the month
Call us crazy, at 27, with no money and a little girl on the way, we founded Folly Cheese Co. in Tomales, California. 6 months later we have released our first batches. At Folly Cheese, our mission will always be to make the cheeses that we want to eat every day. We’re committed to using the most sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices, while supporting small-scale Organic family farms who are committed to improving the environment through agriculture. To meet our mission, we only source Organic milk from (extremely) local dairies. We support small dairies by paying a fair price for milk and we think their great quality milk comes out in our cheeses. We believe in staying small and attention to detail, so we might run out of cheese from time to time so bear with us. We’re proud of every piece of cheese we make and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

7 ~ Pazzo Marco Creamery

PO Box 1532 Gualala 
Paul and Marco
Creamery tours by appointment, contact Marco
We created Pazzo Marco Creamery out of our passion for local, natural and delicious wholesome food. Our small batch artisan gelato and cheese are crafted with local organic milk in our micro-creamery on the ridge of the Mendocino Coast near the town of Gualala. We create all of our recipes from scratch to bring out the best in flavor and texture. We believe artisan food is truly handmade where scrupulous attention is devoted to every detail. Our goal is to achieve a lovingly handcrafted product that delights the pallet – infused with love and natural local goodness.

8 ~ Pennyroyal Farm

14930 Hwy 128 Boonville
10a-5p daily
WHERE EVERY GOAT, SHEEP, AND CHEESE HAS A NAME. Our barn, milking parlor, and creamery were designed with the visitor in mind. To keep production sanitary we cannot invite you inside the creamery, but we have many windows which allow our guests a view into each stage of the cheese making and provide many details on our Farm Tours. Visitors can view cheesemaking from inoculation in our 50-gallon vats, to cutting and molding of curds, through the aging stage, and finally…packaging. Pennyroyal Farm’s cheeses are made daily in the creamery by head cheesemaker and herd manager Erika McKenzie-Chapter. Each cheese is made in a small batch with milk from our own goats and sheep. This allows us to keep a close eye on every ingredient and step in the process and produce handmade cheese that taste of a special time and place. Farmstead cheese is even more select than artisan cheese. Our cheeses are seasonal, which is good for the animals, but may make it hard for you to purchase certain cheeses at various times of the year. Our goats and sheep have a natural reproductive cycle: they are all bred in the fall, which allows us to give them at least two months off from milking in late winter. This time off allows them to prepare for birthing in the spring and keeps them healthy for the start of the next lactation period.

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese

9 ~ Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese

Taryn and Karin Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese14700 Shoreline Hwy, Point Reyes Station
Visit our website for classes, events & tours
Friday Farm Tours $25 - advance registration on our website
Some say they can taste it. The Pacific coastal fog that so often settles over and lightly salts the pastures of the Giacomini dairy. The crisp, pristine air. The lush rye grass. Clearly, it brings a healthy freshness to the cheeses made here at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company. But that’s just one reason why we work so hard to preserve the incredible land we farm. This beautiful Northern California stretch of land has sustained our family for going on four generations. So we feel honored, and obliged, to sustain it in every way possible. Not only as a legacy to pass along to our children and their children. But as a model for sustainable agriculture that promotes healthy food and a healthy environment for everyone.

10 ~ Pugs Leap Cheese at White Whale Farm

5880 Carroll Rd. Petaluma
Anna Hancock
See our website for Farm Tour and Cheese Tasting dates.
Our 120 happy and healthy goats provide all the milk for our cheese. By using only our own goats’ milk we are able to control the process and quality from start to finish, allowing us to provide a premium, hand crafted cheese. Our dairy and creamery are housed in a beautiful barn that was built in 1867. The goats are protected by Samson and Cosette, our Anatolian Shepherds, who we have named two of our cheeses after. We also have some pigs and about 500 chickens who help us keep the farm clean by eating our scraps and extra whey from cheese making. We recently have added pastured-raised eggs to our offerings. We hope you enjoy Pugs Leap Cheese as much as we enjoy creating it!

11 ~ Ramini Mozzarella

One of Ramini Mozzarella's Water Buffalo175 Gericke Rd. Tomales
Audrey Ramini

Tour: and Tasting 2 hours long Saturdays at 2pm call to schedule

A rare and rich authentic water buffalo mozzarella cheese delicacy.

Just when you thought that mozzarella cheese was a taste from heaven, take it a step further and experience Buffalo mozzarella. This cheese is made exclusively by the buffalo, not quite like mozzarella because it has almost twice the fat of cows milk which creates its texture and taste creamy and full of flavor. Consider this version of cheese as the royal choice of taste that cannot be duplicated by any other means.

12 ~ Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery

2064 Gravenstein Hwy. N. Sebastopol

Tours available please see our website
The original Redwood Hill Farm, just down the road from our creamery, offers intimate, hands-on educational tours of its Certified Humane® goat dairy in Sebastopol, CA. At the farm tours, you’ll get to meet the goats and learn how to milk, brush, or feed them. In addition, you’ll learn about the many other crops and animals that thrive on this biodiverse farm, including chickens, bees, Gravenstein apples, hops, and olives.

Cheese, kefir and yogurt

Sustainability runs deep at Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery. It started with the Bice family, who established Redwood Hill Farm nearly 50 years ago with the dream of going “back to the land,” and remains one of our guiding principles to this day. A large variety of sustainability practices are embedded in our day-to-day operations to help preserve our world’s natural resources for generations to come. When people try our kefir or yogurt for the first time, many can’t believe they’re tasting goat milk. The flavor is so fresh and mild, they swear they’re eating “regular” dairy products. We proudly admit there’s nothing “regular” about us, from our unparalleled commitment to caring for our goats, to our process of artisan dairy making – a craft that’s been perfected over nearly 50 years. What sets our process apart?

13 ~ Spring Hill Jersey Cheese - Petaluma Creamery

711 Western Ave. Petaluma
M - F 7a - 6p, Sat and Sun. 8a – 6p

See our website for educational tours

The Petaluma Creamery Cheese Shop features an artisan coffee and espresso bar, fresh baked goods, Panini’s and BBQ, gourmet homemade ice cream, custom gift baskets, and many other specialty items to accompany our fine cheeses. We are open to the public 7 days a week and offer free cheese and ice cream samples daily. We are located just a few blocks from downtown Petaluma, CA!

14 ~ Tomales Farmstead Creamery

5488 Middle Rd. Tomales
Tamara Hicks and David Jablons

Tours: First Sunday of each month from 1p-3p. Please email in advance for reservations. 

We are a Marin County dairy, organic farm and creamery. Just twenty minutes west of Petaluma, the town of Tomales is a unique coastal community nestled above Marshall and the Tomales Bay estuary and is the gateway to Dillon Beach and Bodega Bay. Tomales Farmstead CreameryThe long awaited creamery, Tomales Farmstead Creamery, which is based on the farm, began producing artisanal goat and sheep cheeses in April, 2013. Many people are unaware that 65% of milk consumption world-wide is from goat’s milk. Our goat’s milk, like any good goat’s milk, has a delicious and slightly sweet taste. The goats are milked twice a day and produce a gallon of milk each day, which translates into one pound of cheese. We are proud to declare that we can identify every one of our 200 goats by name. Our goats are comprised of Saanens, Alpines, La Manchas, Oberhaslis, Tobbenbergs and Nubians. Toluma Farms has over 100 East Friesian sheep. Sheep have been raised for milk for thousands of years and were in fact milked before cows. The world’s commercial dairy sheep industry is concentrated in Europe. The dairy goat and sheep industry is still in its infancy in the United States. We are doing are part to move the industry forward and provide an amazing product for the San Francisco Bay Area.

15 ~ Two Rock Valley Goat Cheese

7955 Valley Ford Rd. Petaluma

Tours by Appointment

Tours are both educational and fun. Walking through the facility you will get up close and personal with many of our farm friends. Please contact us to schedule your Two Rock Valley Cheese tour.

How It All Began….From the Alps of Switzerland to the Hills of Two Rock
In the late 90’s, Bonnie DeBernardi purchased two Nubian goats for her grandchildren to play with and from there a new business was created. Not unfamiliar to the dairy business, Don and Bonnie DeBernardi have been raising and milking Holstein dairy cows since 1968, however, these goats served as the beginning of a new venture for the pair. As the two goats quickly turned to a small herd, Don decided to turn the milk into goat cheese, like his ancestors made in the Swiss Alps. The hobby for Don quickly turned into a new business venture as the herd grew from two to forty goats in a short period of time. Bonnie is the primary caregiver to the kids. Overseeing the kidding and raising of the goat kids is a full time job. Bonnie cares for the kids as she would any member of the family. During kidding season you will almost always find a few kids in the house snuggled up in blankets getting a little extra attention. Don is the master cheese maker, perfecting his skill with each batch. Cheese is made three to four times a week and then aged for over 60 days before it is ready to market. As the cheese is aged in the storage rooms, it takes on a life of its own. Cultures used change the texture and taste the longer the aging process is prolonged. Creating a unique taste pleasing to any palette. Recently, Don has ventured into the fresh cheese market by making a goat Brie. Delicious! Two Rock Valley Goat Cheese can be found in many retail stores in Marin and Sonoma County, as well as farmers markets. We also sell cheese on the wholesale market. Two Rock Valley Cheese offers unique and educational farm tours, led by Bonnie. 

16~ Weirauch Farm and Creamery

Santa Rosa (please call for address)
Joel and Carleen Weirauch

Tour: August 12 and 26th 1p-2:15p

Hosted by Joel and Carleen Weirauch; followed by cheese tasting. Visit the sheep barn, and our dairy where we milk our sheep. Cost: $22/General, Children under 12 no charge.

Joel Weirauch was introduced to small-batch, traditional cheesemaking in France. Enamored by the sheep cheeses he encountered, he was inspired to start his own business on his return. That summer he met Carleen and together they have worked toward his vision ever since. He first began developing Saint Rose, a Pyrenees inspired aged sheep cheese. Saint Rose is named after Santa Rosa, the town where Joel and Carleen both grew up and were wed.

Drop in Farm Stand Guide

Dry Creek Peach and Produce

Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma
15101 Sonoma Hwy. 12, Glen Ellen
(707) 996-6643
Set in a rustic 100-year old barn, the Red Barn Store offers an opportunity to visit the farm to purchase sustainably grown fruit, flowers, floral greens & heirloom vegetables, as well as hand-crafted wreaths, flower bouquets, & other gifts.
Sat: 9am-3pm, May-December

~ Golden Nectar Farm
6364 Starr Rd., Windsor
(707) 494-0222 or (707) 838-8819
165 varieties of organically grown fruit. Natural buildings, solar power, bees & sustainable lifestyle experiment. Vegetable, flower & herb gardens, medicinal plants, mushrooms, chickens, ducks, eggs, nursery starts, & fresh produce.

~ Tierra Vegetables

Tierra Vegetables Farm
651 Airport Blvd. Santa Rosa
(707) 544-6141
A diversified family farm, growing fresh vegetables from asparagus to zucchini, & unusual vegetables & grains, including dozens of varieties of heirloom dry beans, cornmeal, & culinary treats. CSA available; school tours; self-guided tours during Farm Stand hours. Th-Sun: Jan-May; Tues-Sun: Jun-Dec

~ Walker Apples

10955 Upp Rd., Graton
(707) 823-4310
Located at end of a scenic country dirt road, we grow 27 varieties of apples. Our motto is “Try before you buy!” & samples are readily available. Not a U-pick. Daily: 9am to 5pm, August 1 - December 1

~ Dutton Ranch
10717 Graton Rd., Sebastopol
(707) 823-0448
Our family farm was started in 1964 by Warren and Gail Dutton. We farm 1100 acres of grapes and 200 acres of Certified Organic apple

~ Piano Farms

Piano Farm, Bloomfield - MAPValley Ford
Valley Ford Rd, b/w Roblar Rd & Bloomfield Rd
(415) 640-8837
(510) 847-2885
We believe in farming that creates a healthy ecosystem for humans and critters. Our no-till polyculture field practices yield nutrient-rich crops. These culinary gems are available fresh picked at our farm stand. Don’t miss our sun ripe Strawberries!Fri - Mon: Sunrise to Sunset

~ Laguna Farm
1764 Cooper Rd., Sebastopol
(707) 823-0823
CSA farm serves 400+ families; offers produce boxes weekly or twice monthly; pick-up or delivery. Produce, dairy, fruits, nuts & grains. Sustainably grown, fresh & local. Farm stand open to the public.

Sonoma Swamp Blues
7000 Occidental Rd., Sebastopol
We are a certified organic blueberry farm and have expanded to all organic strawberries, micro greens, sprouts and specialty produce. In the Summer, our Farm Stand is open 10am-5pm.  NOTE: Hours vary according to daylight and supplies. We are open June-mid-August, however, our goal this year is to be open from May-October. We also sell at farmers markets.  

I ~ Imwalle Gardens

685 West 3rd St., Santa Rosa
(707) 546-0279 
Facebook/Imwalle Gardens
Since 1886, four generations have grown fresh vegetables, bedding plants, seed, tomatoes, corn, squash, persimmons, beans, cucumbers, figs, sweet-hot peppers. One mile from downtown Santa Rosa. Regular Hours

~ Live Oak Farm
1030 Lohrman Ln., Petaluma
(707) 347-9646
At Live Oak Farm we take pride in growing high quality organic produce. Stop by our Farm Stand for some delicious vegetables and berries, and see how we are growing and developing our our sustainable “agrihood.” Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm

~ Glenhill Farm & Gardens
755 Tomales Rd., Petaluma
(415) 302-0883
We are a family farm that has 10 acres of produce & farm fresh eggs that are available at our farm stand & through our CSA. We also raise Babydoll Sheep, Cashmere Goats and Miniature Zebu cattle. Farmstand Open Sat & Sun: 9am-4pm

~ Green String Farm
3571 Old Adobe Rd., Petaluma
(707) 778-7500
We’re a sustainable farm in Petaluma, focusing on aiding, rather than fighting, natural processes to grow healthy & happy fruits, vegetables, & nursery stock. Summer 10am-6pm; Winter 10am-5pm

~ Watmaugh Strawberries

Arnold Dr at W. Watmaugh Rd., Sonoma
(916) 207-2870

~ Kenwood Strawberry Patch

9250 Hwy. 12, Kenwood

~ Lao Strawberries

5556 Sebastopol Ave., Hwy. 12, Sebastopol

Gabriel Farm

3175 Sullivan Rd, Sebastopol
Apples, Persimmons, Raspberries, Blackberries, Flowers & Pineapple Guavas

Q ~ Dry Creek Peach & Produce
2179 Yoaki Bridge, Healdsburg
Certified organic peach farm, growing 30 varieties of white and yellow peaches, plus nectarines, plums & seasonal produce. Peach jam, frozen bellini mix, cobbler mix, and more available. Farm Stand.
Wed, Fri–Sun In Summer: 12-5. Call Ahead.


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