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Wheel of Light Astrology by Rio Olesky

Conflicting Transits

Aug 2, 2018
by Rio Olesky, Starwatcher


Two interesting yet conflicting transits will be active all month. We have already experienced both of then, so they’re not new. One is a harmonious, supportive trine between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This first occurred in November-December 2017 and has been back this year since May. The other is a challenging square between Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Aquarius. This first took place in May, but will be in orb for the next two months.

In addition to the fact that trines are supportive to the interactive expression of the two energies, the trine between Jupiter and Neptune is particularly congruent because they are the co-ruling planets of the sign Pisces. In the water signs Scorpio and Pisces these planets are bringing a gentleness that can enhance feelings of joy, humanitarian concern and the ability to tap directly into transcendent consciousness. This combination registers the impact of tragic events such as school shootings and the mass incarceration of children. Jupiter can act as the moral compass of the solar system. Neptune brings empathy and compassion. The combination reacts to human caused pain and suffering with outrage and a desire to ensure security for all. In a completely different context, these planets create positive feelings of optimism and enthusiasm that has produced continued growth in global financial markets. One note of caution in that arena, however, is the fact that Jupiter can also represent international events and Scorpio can represent taxation. The tariffs, a form of taxation, that have been initiated by Trump seem to be leading to an international trade war that will have a very detrimental effect on both those markets as well as the economy in general if they continue. Meanwhile, this trine is having a potentially positive effect on our psychological state. It can inspire us to look deeply into ourselves to find connection to Divine Oneness. This trine can inspire us to release and let go of drives and desires that keep us in a state of isolation, alienation and fear. We can feel both impelled and supported to engage in situations that can enhance our feelings of joy as well as being productive both spiritually and socially by recognizing the profound significance in the diversity of life, human and otherwise. This can lead to being more pro-active in the coming November election to make sure that the compromised state of our democracy is gotten back on track. If you aren’t running for office yourself, and don’t have time to work for a candidate, at least remember to vote in what may be the most important election in the history of our country.

The Mars-Uranus square is the antithesis of the Jupiter-Neptune trine. The most obvious reason is that whereas trines like to maintain a positive flow of energy, squares are unsettling. They can destroy or at least diminish any sense of comfort which, in turn, forces us to change and grow. Some research has indicated that certain Uranian transits coincide with global events such as earthquakes. When this transit took place in May, it coincided with the eruption of Kiluaea, the Big Island volcano. Since then there have been volcanoes in Central America as well. Any big earth change can certainly restrict one’s comfort to say the least. What makes this transit even more challenging is the fact that the square from Uranus to Mars can foreshadow anger, contention and violence. Whether this is local, as in a domestic conflict, or international, as in a war, this combination of energies can produce sudden, unexpected volatility. One of the things that Aquarius rules is the collective consciousness or group mind. This could have tragic implications considering how unpredictable Trump is in both words and actions. When the group mind of “his base” gets riled up based on what he says, regardless of the degree to which his words actually reflect the truth, this can be dangerous. The recent rise of global fascism is presenting similar patterns in both leaders and the masses in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and certain countries in South America. Will the actions of dictators produce pushback from the masses or support from the masses?

One hopeful note is the Jupiter-Neptune trine. Because it brings compassion and humanitarian feelings and actions, the international community may resent and reject any decision or action that increases prejudice and bigotry let alone one that leads to armed conflict. As a side note, Mars will remain retrograde until August 27. Usually any act of aggression that begins when Mars is retrograde will end in failure and loss. So, if a nation or a person initiates hostility before that date, it may well prove to be a costly mistake. Especially since the Mars-Uranus square can bring a hair-trigger temper where one acts before fully thinking the action through. Remember, too, that with Saturn in Capricorn this year, the consequences of actions, personal or national, should be of prime concern. 

One way to deal positively with the Mars-Uranus square is by using it to resolve differences in our values. Taurus and Aquarius are both fixed signs. They are primarily focused on values. Taurus focuses on security, safety, comfort and control. Aquarius values change that can inspire personal freedom and enhancement of collective progress. We can use this square to work on integrating these two perspectives. This is a good time to avoid the extremes of those desires, noting how the extreme expression of either limits the experience of the other. Working to integrate our uniqueness within an acceptable social construct is a way to work creatively and productively with this transit.

Aries: As one of the more impatient and impulsive signs, the challenges of the Mars-Uranus square provide opportunities for growth. One area in which this may manifest is with friends. Differences of opinion, or simply being disappointed by someone, could lead to volatility. This is a good time to practice patience by looking at your expectations of yourself. Seek to resolve those and the perceived difficulties may disappear.

Taurus: This is a good time to focus on health related issues. Take responsibility to update your health maintenance regimen. The challenge comes from acknowledging physical requirements and limitations and responding pro-actively. Letting go of some old habits may be necessary before the month is out.

Gemini: After being retrograde since late July, your ruling planet Mercury turns direct on the 18th. This can provide confidence in your communication and perhaps even inspire creative communication in one medium or another. Be cautious about making major decisions prior to that date as your judgment could be somewhat flawed.

Cancer: The New Moon solar eclipse on the 11th provides energy for new beginnings. This could take place in a practical area, such as initiating a plan to enhance financial security through wise investment over time. Similarly, you could use the energy to begin a program of personal growth that could have a strong element of creative expression.

Leo: This is a month to be creative in practical ways, especially toward the end of the month. There is the opportunity to be more disciplined in your creative activities. The fun may be less, but the productivity will be enhanced. This is a good time to balance risk with caution in whatever you do, and the results should prove fulfilling.

Virgo: This is a month to make sure you have quality time alone. Spending time in quite contemplation, or being involved in creative expression are two options that could appeal at this time. You could also get involved in some type of volunteer service, taking advantage of the highest option of the Jupiter-Neptune trine.

Libra: Challenges to your sense of harmony could arise from the second week of the month on. These could seemingly emanate from others, but the way out is to work on finding your internal fulcrum. Growth can come from realizing that ultimately your sense of well being comes from your relationship to yourself and is not dependent on interaction with or feedback from others.

Scorpio: This is a good time to focus inward. Notice ways in which your beliefs or habits are limiting your sense of well being or your sense of efficacy in the world. There is ample energy to change those dynamics, but if your focus is primarily external, as in other people or external events are creating your frustration, growth will be limited even though conflict with others increases.

Sagittarius: You tend to be curious and open-minded. Use those qualities to be open to new states of consciousness and understanding ways of using them to help others. One note of caution, however, is to not be deceived by ideals into thinking what you would like to happen is in fact happening. Growth comes from being willing to do the hard work of integrating ideals into material plane reality.

Capricorn: Mars enters Capricorn on the 12th, but it will be retrograde. Resist the impulse to get involved in new activities, especially those that require physical activity. Instead, use this as a time to research and prepare for new activities that begin after Mars turns direct on the 27th.

Aquarius: Late month is a good time to integrate new, inspiring activities with ongoing habits. You could even use the energy of that period to break out of self-limiting behaviors and try engaging in things that are excitin if a little scary. Spending time in nature or in expressing yourself creatively are two ways to benefit from the energies at this time.

Pisces: The full Moon in Pisces on the 26th coincides with the Jupiter-Neptune square and will enhance many of the interests that you have. Being of useful service to others, engaging in creative art or seeking to deepen your spiritual connection are all supported at this time. Growth can come when you apply some discipline, clarity of goal and awareness of realistic limits and boundaries to the projects.


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