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2018-11-27Nov 27, 2018

The Holiday Sale is coming to the Artisans’ Co-op Gallery. Before and after Christmas, December 22 - January 3. They’ll take 10% off everything in the shop except notecards. If you haven’t yet or recently been in, now is a great time to come take a look at all the goods they have to offer. It is a sensory feast! 

2018-11-08Nov 8, 2018

Coast, River MAC Representatives to be selected this monthOver the past month, the Fifth District Office received more than 40 applications from people hoping to represent their community in one of the two new Fifth District municipal advisory councils.

2018-10-23Oct 23, 2018

This is the time we “fish or cut bait” about voting for our candidates of choice.  I received my ballot just as I left for the first of my hospital visits. I wanted to be sure to get it mailed in a timely fashion, so I voted and mailed my ballot. I had followed all the campaigns carefully, so this is how I voted:

  1. Most of the Democratic officials that represent me are doing a good job. I pretty much voted a complete affirmation of them. I voted for Newsome, too. His having been a Mayor is pretty good training for becoming Governor. 
  2. The propositions caused me more angst. I carefully studied the pros and cons, and here is how I ended up:...
2018-10-15Oct 15, 2018

The Coast MAC and Lower Russian River MAC is established to advise the Board of Supervisors and other County decision makers on local planning and management decisions relating to their respective regions, to provide a regular forum for citizen participation in the formation of advisory recommendations on those decisions, and to provide a bridge for communication between the County and local residents and businesses, and the general public on local government decisions affecting these communities.

2018-09-24Sep 24, 2018

After a whirlwind visit to the land of my ancestors, Scotland, my granddaughter and I returned home to Bodega Bay with many memories and a greater understanding of the background of our ancestors.

2018-08-18Aug 18, 2018

The salmon are running .This is the best news of our village this week. Our fishermen had a lousy crab season and not much of a salmon season last year.


2018-08-02Aug 2, 2018

Nearly sixty Bodega Bay residents braved the horrendous summer traffic to attend the excellent presentation by the Rancho Bodega Historical Society about the background of the Smith Family who started the fishing industry in Bodega Bay.

2018-06-25Jun 25, 2018

Springtime on the coast can’t be beat. It is sunny and bright, not too hot and not cold. We, admittedly, do have some wind, but that is not uncomfortable.

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